EPRIE Alumni Association

The EPRIE Alumni Association was founded in 2012 by the first participants of EPRIE. It aims to improve the cooperation between East Asia and Europe by promoting the professional and personal exchange between current and former participants of the program. In doing so, the alumni association organizes seminars and talks in collaboration with the EPRIE program and holds regular meetings in each region.

Currently, 140 alumni from Europe and East Asia contribute to these activities with their various backgrounds in Area Studies, as well as History, Social, and Communication Sciences. As the number of members is growing every year, the alumni especially focus on stronger knowledge exchange and networking in the future to build closer ties between East Asia and Europe.

The association is headed by five volunteers and cooperates closely with the Korea Verband, the organizing association for the annual EPRIE program. For funding the EPRIE Alumni Association relies on membership fees and donations.



Regional coordinators of the EPRIE network

The ever growing EPRIE network has four regional coordinators, who coordinate activities of alumni in Germany, Japan, South Korea, and Britain. If you want to meet some members of the EPRIE network, please get in touch with the coordinators via e-mail.

Germany: Ms. Su-Jin Song,

Japan: Mr. Yu Katsumata,

South Korea: Ms. Hanna Suh,

Britain: Ms. Maja Grundler,