We are launching: Portraits of Change!

The EPRIE.Labs project “Portraits of Change” features stories of how journalists and activists have initiated chan­ge through use of media. The publication is now available for download and can be ordered as print edition in the shop of Korea Verband.

The publication gives riveting accounts for media persons on how to initiate and measure change. The portraits are first person accounts of journalists and media persons including digital jo­urnalists like YouTubers who have in their way brought about change in their neighbourho­od, community, city or country. They tell their stories and demonstrate how they used media for change, including social media, new media and mainstream conventional media.

We hope the portraits will inspire and help others do something similar and learn from the experiences of the people featured. Some basic guidelines that change makers talk about are: You must have a message – what’s your story, what’s the issue. It doesn’t matter if it’s clear, but it must evoke a reaction. How they focus on targeting. How they leave room for discussion – let the people speak and engage.

You can download the book on our website and purchase a hard copy in the shop of Korea Verband.