We are launching: Portraits of Change!

The EPRIE.Labs project “Portraits of Change” features stories of how journalists and activists have initiated chan­ge through use of media. The publication is now available for download and can be ordered as print edition in the shop of Korea Verband.


Future Workshop: Global Ideas Against Racism – Implementation Phase

As part of the Global Ideas Against Racism project, we would like to invite you to the third and last online workshop of our series. We will use the method of the ‘future workshop’. The goal is to develop ideas for anti-racism work together with you in a participatory process. In doing so, this workshop will focus in the upcoming session on an implementation phase. Previously, in the first phase, we have collected points of criticism that encompass problem situations concerning racism in different regions of the world. The second session addressed a fantasy/utopia phase in which we developed imaginative proposals for solutions, regardless of constraints, laws, economic and social obstacles. Now we want to elaborate further on how we get from critique to utopia.


Empowerment Workshop Share Your Story

Share Your Story (SYS) is an empowerment programme aimed at young BIPoC in Germany and offers creative workshops with a focus on anti-racism. Participants are given the space to connect, relate and talk about their experiences as well as the opportunity to explore creative ways to express themselves.

The workshop is conducted by EPRIE alumni (2018) Su-Jin Song and Joris Niggemeier and features Julia Schwarz as a trained empowerment professional. Due to the Covid-19-pandemic the workshop takes place as an online video conference over the weekend of 29th to 31st October.

Download the invitation with further information (in German) below:

Future Workshop: Global Ideas Against Racism

As part of the Global Ideas Against Racism project, we would like to invite you to the first of three workshops. We will use the method of the ‘future workshop’. The goal is to develop ideas for anti-racism work together with you in a participatory process. In doing so, this workshop will first focus on a ‘criticism’ phase. In the two subsequent workshops, which will take place in summer and fall 2021, the focus will be on a ‘fantasy’ and an ‘implementation’ phase. In the first workshop everything will revolve around the criticism of current conditions. We will collect and cluster your points of criticism. Please tell us in this workshop what bothers you, what is annoying, what is going badly and where there are problems regarding racism. Together we try to formulate the criticisms as precisely as possible and to group the different concerns.


Creative Workshop WRITING TAPAS with Katti Jisuk Seo

Online workshop with facilitator Katti Jisuk Seo (Writer, Story Consultant, Coach)

This workshop invites Alumni to reflect on their EPRIE experiences in creative writing.

What EPRIE encounters had an impact on your life? What surprising moments would you like to share with others? Which personal stories could you discover in your exchange experience? German-Korean story consultant & writer Katti will guide you through exercises that help you put your thoughts and magic moments on paper. You‘ll try out Katti‘s method Writing Tapas that makes writing more inviting by breaking it down into bite-size chunks. The workshop aims to prepare pieces of writing that will be published in the next EPRIE Journal.

The workshop will take place online on February 20 and February 27, 2021, from 10am to 1pm (Berlin time). For registration, please enter your name and email address in this form: https://www.surveymonkey.de/r/W8RW88J

EPRIE Journal 2019

The alumni of the EPRIE program published the new EPRIE Journal 2019 on ‘Overcoming the challenges posed by social media: How to make it work for social change?’.

In the EPRIE Journal we look back on the program in 2019, our visits to NGOs, and elaborate further on that topic. Furthermore, we introduce projects funded by the EPRIE Project Fund and also cover several topics that were brought up by previous EPRIE exchange programs.

You can download the new EPRIE Journal for Regional Integration in East Asia and Europe 2019 on our website for publications here:

Workshop: Global Ideas Against Racism

Are you interested in anti-racism?

Would you like to develop new ideas for combating racism?

If yes, join our up-coming digital workshop.

Within the framework of the project “Global Ideas Against Racism” a two-hour introductory workshop will take place on Saturday, 21st November 2020.


EPRIE Memory Card Game

The EPF project JKPGT invited EPRIE alumni friends to send us their best EPRIE memories and we are delighted to share you the results here.

From year 2012 to year 2019
From Seoul South Korea to Berlin Germany

This EPRIE memory card game contains diverse EPRIE moments and the back side card image consists of EPRIE alumni’s voices describing EPRIE in one word.
We hope this EPRIE memory game will be used as a souvenir, continuous play equipment to activate more meetings and cooperation work in the future.

EPRIE Journal 2019

Call for Contributions: EPRIE Journal 2019

The editors of the EPRIE Journal 2019 are looking for contributions for the EPRIE Journal 2019. Like in the previous years, we want participants, alumni, speakers and guests to contribute to our journal. The topics for our journal are mostly related to the topics of EPRIE itself, including historical and political reconciliation, migration and integration, populism and journalism, as well as reports on your own experiences regarding EPRIE. For inspiration you can have a look at our former journals.