Program 2014

The EPRIE 2014 seminar was held on the topic of "Concepts of Nations" 
in Europe (Poland, Germany, France) from June 20 to July 2, 2014.

It consisted of:

  • Preliminary Program from June 20 to 23, 2014 in Warsaw, Poland 
    with intercultural training, city tour on "nations and monuments" including a visit to the Warsaw Uprising Museum, and a visit to FRONTEX 
  • Seminar on June 24 in Halle, Germany
    on the topics "National Concepts" and "History of Nations" 
  • Specialist Conference from June 25 to June 29 in Berlin, Germany 
    on historical reappraisals and political dealings of the past, and a 
    public panel discussion on "Regional Integration an re-/nationalisation processes".
    It also included an alumni meeting with city tour on “nations and monuments”.
  • Visit to the European Parliament from June 30 to July 2 in Strasbourg, France
    with city tour on “nations and monuments”.

EPRIE is oriented toward young people from Europe (Germany, France and Poland) and East Asia (China, Japan and Korea).