EPRIE Memory Card Game

The EPF project JKPGT invited EPRIE alumni friends to send us their best EPRIE memories and we are delighted to share you the results here.

From year 2012 to year 2019
From Seoul South Korea to Berlin Germany

This EPRIE memory card game contains diverse EPRIE moments and the back side card image consists of EPRIE alumni’s voices describing EPRIE in one word.
We hope this EPRIE memory game will be used as a souvenir, continuous play equipment to activate more meetings and cooperation work in the future.

Once again, we are grateful for all EPRIE friends reminding us of our global friendship.

JKPGT (Hanna SUH, Ewa MOTYLIńSKA, Manako MORITA, Youngwon DO)

Special thanks to

Agnieszka BATKO, Albert DENK, Andrzej BOBER, Ao FENG, Bojan STOJKOVSKI, Hikaru MATSUMOTO, Jotaro KATO, Julia TRZCIńSKA, Juliane Böhm, Miyuki TAMURA, Nadeschda BACHEM, Peng YANG, Perchuhi GHASABYAN, Selma POLOVINA, Siyuan LI, Vicky TRUONG, Yann Werner PRELL, Yasuko (Jasmine) SHIOKAWA, Zijie ZHANG


  1. Mix up the cards. Lay them in rows, picture face down.
  2. Turn over any 2 cards. If they match, keep them and play again.
  3. If they don’t match, turn them back over. It’s now the next players turn.
  4. Remember what was on the card and where it was.
  5. The player with the most cards wins.

Memory Card Game Production Process