Call for participants: JKPGT – Just Keep Play Great Together!

Call for participants for 2 day workshop in Otsu, Japan in March 13-14, 2020
“JKPGT – Just Keep Play Great Together! “

The project aims to improve the relationship between Korea and Japan by promoting dialogue between the two countries. The two days workshop with Joseon Gakko (朝鮮学校/조선학교, Korean school in Japan) will take place in Otsu, Japan (March 13-14, 2020).

Participants will create a new Japan-Korea history board game “Our encounter ~How we met in the past, Why do we meet today? and How we will meet in the future~?” , which will remind us of encounters between Japan and Korean peninsula in the past and today and help us think the possible future of the region. The workshop will be held in Japanese. Accommodation in shared rooms and meals will be provided.

Please send us your application via email until 31.Jan.2020 ( You can download the poster with more information and the application form here: